My experience with InDesign CS2

In 2007, Storm asked me to help her with her magazine, The Muse. She had someone who had done the layout in previous issues but she was unhappy with the results. I had no experience with the program, InDesign CS2, and spent the first day just trying to get the program to put the first image on the cover! The next day I went to Borders and purchased a book about the program and things progressed much faster after that.

She still wanted the magazine published by her original due date so we worked together and got it done, twice working until 1 AM. She was extremely pleased with the look of the magazine. We did, however, fail to proofread it very well so the first issue has some typos in it. When it came time for the next issue, she did not have enough ads sold and some of the writers had not sent their articles so she postponed that issue. We did a combined issue when the following due date came up, this issue was also scaled down as she did not sell enough advertising space to pay for publishing. This was the last issue of The Muse as she was not able to get enough advertisers to pay for the cost of producing it.

If you would like to see my work, or just read an interesting magazine, you can download the PDF version of both issues below.

Download the Spring Equinox issue of The Muse

Download the Summer Solstice/Autumn Equinox issue of The Muse

In October of 2008, Storm put on a Halloween Harvest Festival and I created the advertising material for this. She wanted a booklet to hand out to attendees that included ads from some of the vendors and a list of vendors. I created this booklet and below is the PDF of this booklet that was sent to the printers, if you would like to see more of my work

Download the Halloween Harvest Booklet

****These things were published/printed by a printing company. I only do the layout and prepare it for publishing.




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