Website Hosting for Enchanted Moon clients only.

All clients get their websites hosted with Enchanted Hosting for only $5 a month.

Clients can host multiple Enchanted sites on one hosting account (example: MacroVal pays $5 a month for one account and hosts both and with that account. Client must be the owner of all businesses/organizations in order to host several websites on one account)

Enchanted Hosting accounts include unlimited bandwidth and disk space, 5 email accounts ( for each url, more can be arranged), 5 databases (for each url), and AWStats (which shows you information on visitors to your site including visitor totals, page views, referring urls, and even what country visitors are from).

Ecommerce and shopping carts available.

Forums, Discussion Boards, Calendar, FAQ sections, Live Help (chat system), Guest Books, Polls and Surveys, Mailing Lists, and a WordPress blog can all be seamlessly added to your site.

Enchanted Moon takes care of all set up and integration of features to your site.

Enchanted Moon handles the billing so no third party is involved.

Enchanted Hosting is a reseller of green hosting. How is the hosting green? All web hosting servers must run on electricity, which is pulled from the grid. For every 1x of power pulled from the grid, the hosting service purchases 3x of wind energy credits. Also the servers are configured to run cooler and thus use less energy keeping to keep them cool (web servers run 24/7 and must be constantly cooled by huge fans, if the servers run cooler then the fans can run at a lower speed and use less energy). Recycling is always considered in the day to day operations of both the hosting service and Enchanted Moon. Nothing is printed unless it absolutely has to be and then recycled paper is used. Ink cartridges are re-inked instead of buying a new one and tossing the old. Things like these and more make the service green in honor of Mother Earth.