Enchanted Graphics

I have created many images for websites and printed materials. Examples below.
See the Logo Page for more of my graphics.


Nakes Soaps store button         Naked Soaps cart button

I created these two buttons for the Naked-Soaps store.
Starting with blank canvas, using FireWorks4.


Infinite Flame store button         Infinite Flame store button        protection pentacle

Created for the Infinite Flame store.
I added text to clipart, using FireWorks 4



The above buttons were created for MacroVal's site. For healthy cooking classes,
the cutting board and knife theme works well. These buttons are not on her current site.
I added text to clipart image.


I added words to clipart for the graphic to announce how long Val has been in business. This was done with FireWorks4.



For Flying Cat Production's Jewelry section. The pattern resembles a malachite stone,
which is one of the artist's favorite stones.
Starting with blank canvas, using FireWorks4



Also for Flying Cat Productions. The paws are to match her cat logo, the "purr-chase" kitty
was for the cat toys and beds section, which was never added to the site.
I added text to clipart, using Fireworks 4.



For Flying Cat Production's artwork pages. The fancy purchase button (second to last) was the one chosen to be used.
I added text to clipart, using Fireworks 4.




These buttons were created for Avalon Fair's website. There was an apple and tree theme to the site and the colors were green and purple. All created with FireWorks4.




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