Enchanted Logos

I have created logos for myself and clients. Examples below.

Infinite Flame logo

This logo was done with Macromedia's Fireworks4 for my candle business, which has expanded into other items. I took clipart of a white candle (the one on the left) and then copied it. I stretched one and made it red, then shrunk another and made it black. I then used an effect in Fireworks to create the smoke. Infinite Flame makes magical gel candles which is why the font is old English looking. The candles colors represent the triple Goddess (white = maiden, red = mother, black = crone) and the smoke forms the infinity symbol.

Naked Soaps logo

This one also for me, for my glycerin soap products. The three ladies in the water is a piece of clipart, I added the name in a fancy font to make the logo. Created with FireWorks4.

Enchanted Moon logo

For my web design & desktop publishing company. It started as a moonlighting job so I put the witch clipart over a moon created with FireWorks4.

MacroVal logo

The image is a design Val came up with. She first had it done by someone at a print shop. When she wanted me to start creating her advertising materials, I did not have access to a scanner and she didn't get the image on disk (this was in 1995). I used the Paint program that came on my computer to re-create the image for her flyers        



This one is again for my sister, Val. She loves giraffes and wanted to use one with wings as her logo for her publishing efforts. She picked the giraffe clipart and the wings (which were on a dove). I used Presto ImageFolio to create the image by cropping the wings off the dove clipart and positioning them on the giraffe. I then used Print Shop to add the words to the first one as at the time I created this logo I did not have Fireworks.


The water droplets were drawn by an artist. I added the text with Macromedia Fireworks.

I created this entire banner for her website as she didn't have a logo. Created with Fireworks4.


I wanted an image of me as a witch for the hosting logo, this was drawn and colored by an artist friend. I scanned the drawing and added the text using FireWorks 4.

This image was created using a pen & ink drawing.. It is of the Triple Goddess representations of Maiden, Mother, and Crone. I added the words using Fireworks.

The client already had the picture of the cat with wings. I added the text with Macromedia Fireworks.


This client wanted the name to appear over the river that runs on her property. She sent me the photo and I created these two logos. She decided on the top one for her site.

Below is a logo I created that she decided not to use.



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