Enchanted Sites

First are the sites that are still online and in business.
Then I have the sites that were complete but the companies are no longer in business.
Last are unfinished sites.

Visit Macro Val's site


MacroVal.com Val is a macrobiotic chef who teaches cooking classes and offers her classes on tape, she has also written a cookbook. Since she is my sister, she pretty much let me do what I wanted with it as long as I used her color choice of pink and black.

Built with Dreamweaver and hosted with Enchanted Hosting.
PayPal shopping cart. I also do her flyers and all printed materials for her classes and VHS/DVD's.

I am still managing this site.

Dearborn Wig store


DearbornWigs.com For 40 years, Dearborn Wigs has been the place to find high quality wigs in the newest styles and colors.

Built with Dreamweaver and hosted with Enchanted Hosting.

I am still managing this site.

"That website you made for me is working fantastic. You did a good job. I had 6 coupons from the site yesterday."

--Marilyn, owner of Dearborn Wigs

Visit the Goddess site


Spiritual Goddess Gathering.com A free monthly women's meeting hosted by Val.

Built with Dreamweaver and hosted with Enchanted Hosting.

I am still managing this site but she has not been giving me updates for it.

Click to view Infinite Flame site


InfiniteFlame.com is the only source for magical gel candles, empowered for such things as Wealth & Prosperity, World Peace, and an all purpose White Magick candle. Expanded to a Magickal Shoppe, now offering my handcrafted jewelry, pendulums and more.

Built with Dreamweaver and hosted with Enchanted Hosting.
PayPal shopping cart. I create the cards for the candles and all promotional material like flyers, signs, and brochures.

This is my website and is still an open business.

Natural West of East


NaturalWestofEast.com Patty is a personal chef offering vegetarian and macrobiotic cooking in your home.

Built with Dreamweaver and hosted with Enchanted Hosting.

I am still managing this site.


Naked Soaps


Naked-Soaps.com I make glycerin soaps with essential oils and other natural ingredients. This is a website I created to sell these soaps online.

Built with Dreamweaver and hosted with Enchanted Hosting. As I learn CSS, I am using this site to practice the techniques.

My website and my first site with CSS, although I have added it to other sites.

TarotTemptress.com is my site for tarot readings.

Built with Dreamweaver and hosted with Enchanted Hosting.


The sites below were full working websites.
The businesses have closed.

I have disabled all outside links. If there was a store, I have left the button graphic but it no longer is a link to the shopping cart.

I have also deleted any meta tags to make the pages less searchable.


Flying Cat Productions. This site featured handmade stone jewelry, spiritual artwork, historical fashion drawings and mandalas.

Built with Dreamweaver.

2012: She closed the business. If you go to the .com address, it is NOT a site I built.

I set up Flying Cat Design's Cafe Press Store.



Open To Joy Therapy.EFT, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy

I created her site and it was active for a year. She then told me she was having someone else do a site for her. He created a blog site that she was unhappy with, as he was a marketer not a designer. She decided not to have a site after telling me "I should have stayed with you".

Built with Dreamweaver.



Avalon Faire became a victim of Michigan's economy and closed in March 2008.

Site built with Dreamweaver. I also did ad copy, signs, and flyers for her store.

After 2 years and 4 web "Masters" I decided to follow my intuition ( instead of listening to others-again!!!) and to seek out a web "Mistress".....Laura exceeded my expectations in a very short time...she is a "Web Weaving Goddess"

Storm Kuhn, manager of Avalon Faire and owner of "Out of The Broom Closet"


BreathofHeaven. She was very active online and decided on a blog instead.

Built with Dreamweaver.



MysticalResources. This brick & mortar store closed December 2008, the owners moved to Arizona. The site is now gone.

This site is not all my design. She wanted more input on the way it looked. We did more work on her BizHosting webstore that also closed.

Built with Dreamweaver.



Coyote Sue is a psychic medium and Shamanic practitioner. She changed her mind about having a website.

Built with Dreamweaver.


I also created a BizHosting site for KoziLine. The client was in the U.P. and wanted to be able to manage orders herself but didn't have the skill to make the web pages look good. I would do updates for her and set up her coupons for the store.

She closed the store in 2013.


The sites below are unfinished sites.

D'jar Meteorites website


d'jar Meteorites. Meteorites of all types and sizes.

I had been working on putting the meteorites for sale on the site when he became extremely busy with shows and other events. After a year of no response to my emails & calls, I took the site offline.

Built with Dreamweaver. I created his logo with the meteorite as the ' in d'jar.




Healing Waters. We got this far and then she decided on a blog instead of a website so she could post every day.

Built with Dreamweaver.


Images of websites created using BrowserShots.org


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